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Phoenix Insure’s founding principles center around what we feel like is the most important question management should be asking…

What works for Agents?

We have taken this Agent-First approach into every facet and fiber of who we are as an agency to create an atmosphere of sharing in the wealth of the team’s success, while uplifting all agents based on what they are capable of doing individually.

Nick and Chris have experienced the highest levels of what the insurance business can offer over the years, but it didn’t happen overnight. They have witnessed the highs and the lows, what works and what does not.

It is this wealth of information that Phoenix Agents get to tap into, along with a very forward thinking and modern approach to the industry.

Our Agents should never imagine a boundary on what is possible and should have goals that reflect this mindset.

Final Expense Insurance, Insurance Jobs, Insurance Sales Jobs, High Commission Jobs.

Nick Rigano

Final Expense Insurance, Insurance Jobs, Insurance Sales Jobs, High Commission Jobs
Nick and Leah Rigano

Nick started in the insurance business in 2006. Since then, he has personally sold over $1m in life, with his best year of $252,000 in annualized premium. Nick has also hired and trained agents that have combined sales of over $10,000,000 of life insurance sales.

Nick didn’t land in insurance because it was a hot market as it was today. He landed in insurance because he needed to make money and get a real job. As a struggling youth pastor who loved his job helping people, at the end of the day the money was not enough to make ends meet. However, Nick knew how to work hard and was teachable. After discovering final expense insurance sales and working with a proven sales method, just one year later Nick was writing over $200k a year in final expense and qualifying for company conventions!

11 years later, Phoenix Inure Inc. is responsible for millions of dollars per year of premium by using their proven sales systems. Nick now trains agents to qualify for company conventions in the final expense market. The secret sauce to this success is that Nick’s system is duplicatable and easy to quickly learn. The insurance business is tough for most agents because they don’t have systems that work. Phoenix does—so come join the team!

Chris Mullis

Final Expense Insurance, Insurance Jobs, Insurance Sales Jobs, High Commission Jobs
Christopher and Rachel Mullis

Chris began his insurance career in the summer of 2007 out of his one bedroom college apartment.

With lead orders being financed on a high interest credit card and working on a 75% commission contract, Chris found he was on to something that could be big.

“My thought was, other people are making great money at this, and if they can do it, I can do it…I just knew I would have to work hard because my margin for error was extremely slim.”

In 2013, after multiple company conventions and over 1000 clients signed as an independent agent, Chris was invited to join Howe Insurance Services.

Now, Phoenix Insure is the next adventure and it is going to be the best one yet! Excited for the future? I am!

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