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Here Are Some Tips For Landing Dream Insurance Jobs

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Here Are Some Tips For Landing Dream Insurance Jobs

Here Are Some Tips For Landing Dream Insurance Jobs

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Success in landing insurance jobs takes effort and these tips can help.

You’ve decided you want to take a look at insurance jobs as a career. That’s great news, because insurance can be a lucrative and rewarding field.

But just because you’ve decided to get into the field, don’t expect the best insurance jobs to fall into your lap. As with anything else worthwhile, you’ll have to work hard and apply some smarts to the effort.

Some of these tips could help you in your efforts.

First, make sure your application stands out

The employment picture overall has improved over the past few years. But that doesn’t mean it’s suddenly easy to land the best jobs.

A hiring manager sifting through hundreds of resumes will only pick the best. Roger Lear writes on the site Great Insurance Jobs, “When applying to a great job, you need a great resume, and if you can’t simulate the skills required from the job posting, you shouldn’t be applying in the first place.”

Don’t just sit back and wait

You won’t be considered for the insurance jobs you want if you don’t put in some effort beyond sending in an application.

According to Lear, “If you read a job description and say, “that job fits me perfectly,” you should get excited. Once you apply, go after it.”

That means you should seek out ways to connect with the company online, or even by phone. Remember that visibility without obnoxiousness is a key to landing that perfect gig.

Be ready to sell yourself

If you can’t sell yourself, how are you going to sell anything else.

You need to go into any interview organized and ready with a 60-second pitch. “Take your five best selling points and link them together in a couple of sentences,” Robin Ryan, the author of 60 Seconds and You’re Hired, told Monster.com. for this piece on acing the insurance interview.

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