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Are insurance jobs perfect for millennials?

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Are insurance jobs perfect for millennials?

Insurance jobs

Young people have a bright future in insurance jobs.

When young people think of careers these days, insurance jobs may not spring to mind.

But perhaps they should.

According to Insurance Business America, a study by the Hartford found just 4 percent of millennials surveyed were interested insurance jobs. Are young people missing the boat?

Yes, in some cases, and here’s why.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found insurance underwriters earn a median salary of $67,680 per year. And median means half of those underwriters earned more. A six-figure income is well within reach in the insurance industry.

You don’t need an advanced degree to succeed, either. You need to be intelligent and diligent. But the typical underwriter has a Bachelor’s degree, and no previous experience before starting in the business.

You put in the work, you get the rewards

In many other industries, a boss who dislikes you can destroy your career, regardless of how talented or hard-working you are.

That’s because many other industries are subjective.

In insurance jobs, your rewards depend upon your objective performance. Sell more and you get more—more pats on the back, better rewards, and higher compensation.

Diversity is valued

Women and minorities are welcome in the insurance industry.

Pretty much every industry says something like that. For insurers, it’s true. Seven powerhouse insurance companies landed on Black Enterprise Magazine’s 2016 list of 50 best companies for diversity. The industry also ranked high in Bloomberg’s gender equity index.

Opportunity abounds

There are all kinds of insurance jobs, and many companies are looking for their next generation of leaders.

At Phoenix Insure, our mission is to serve our client’s with the best insurance products on the market. We accomplish this by developing Award-Winning Agents who are not only empowered with the ability to earn a high income, but also have the tools readily available to capture success consistently.

If that interests you, whether your a millennial or a bit further along in your career, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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