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Complete these tasks to get started

If you need assistance, email career@PHXinsure.com or reachout by phone

Module1: Before You Begin

  1. PHX Hiring PW – Complete and Submit PHX Hiring PW
  2. PHX Contracting – Complete PHX Contracting through Surance Bay, Set up as “newuser”
  3. Order Business Cards – Business Card Info
  4. Lead Plan – Email Nick@PHXinsure.com 5-10 counties you would like to order leads in . If you reside in or near a large metro area, you can send the name of the city instead of counties.
  5. Groupme – Stay in the loop with our group text. Email Chris@PHXinsure.com and let him know what phone number to use for this free service, then down load the Groupme app from your app store.

Module2: Company Training

Even after you complete this module, you will want to continue learning about your companies.
Understand too that you will not learn all there is to know until you hit the field and work with these companies.


You need to know which companies you’ll be working with (tip: keep it simple).

  1. When to Use which company and YOUR plan choosing which company


You need familiarize yourself with the companies you’ll be working with. To know which companies to focus on, get with Chris or Nick and talk it through.

  1. Prosperity
  2. Transamerica
  3. CFG
  4. Baltimore
  5. United Home Life
  6. Mutual of Omaha
  7. Royal Neighbors
  8. Foresters
  9. Sentinel Security
  10. AIG / Gerber / Great Western (pick one, these are our Guarantee Issue Companies)


Underwriting Help

  1. Underwriting Tips
  2. COPD and Diabetes Talk
  3. Quick! Company Cheat Sheet
  4. Agent Guides- VERY IMPORTANT to read through the agent guides for the companies you will be writing business with. Odds are, if you have a question, the agent guide will provide the answer!

Module 3: How to SEE THE PEOPLE

This is what it’s all about. This module will cover how to get in and see more people.

  1. Leads, The Real Talk
  2. Your Weekly Schedule
  3. Setting Appointments by Phone
  4. Knocking on Doors
  5. Working Referrals

Module 4: Fact Finding and Presenting

How do you find out what plan your prospect needs? How do you show them that our plans are a great decision?

  1. Fact Finding 1
  2. Fact Finding 2
  3. Fact Finding 3
  4. Presentation Video
  5. Presentation Outline

Put your presentation together on your tablet and binder

  1. Presentation Pages
  2. CFG Claim Letter
  3. Need Analysis Sheet
  4. Policy Cancel Letter
  5. Auto Premium Cancel Form
  6. Social Security & Final Expense Plans
  7. Transamerica Claim Letter

Module 5: You Are Now on the PHX Team

  1. The One-Submit
  2. Conference calls every Monday Morning (log-in info on groupme before the call)
  3. Quarterly Training Schools (keep an eye out for these and sign up)
  4. PHX Email- Email Chris@PHXinsure.com and let him know you have completed the training modules and are ready for a PHX email. This is no cost to you!