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The Phoenix System


PHX Agents are accustomed to the top compensation in the insurance business.
Produce 5 applications per week, you NET $90k/year
Submit 6 applications per week, you NET over $120k/year
Yes it’s that simple, & YES, we provide the tools to make it happen!
PHX Agents also earn quarterly bonuses up to $1000/quarter!


PHX Agents have interested people to talk to. That takes brand new leads, lots of them, each and every week. Our system provides this high level of leads for a price far below the industry standard. Working with an abundance of people to see makes provides a very high level of production!


PHX Agents enjoy many perks that lead to a high income, and having a high income is both rewarding and FUN!
Our PHX U! Training Schools are always centered around a great team event. Nice Dinners, Sporting Events, and guided tours are a great way to kick-off a couple days of training!
The PHX Convention: This is a trip that every one of our agents should be able to attend. 120k of submitted business gets you and a guest there! Our conventions are NO BUSINESS, ALL FUN!
Company and IMO Conventions: As top level producers, PHX Agents can qualify for multiple conventions put on by our partnering companies and IMOs. These are also going to be all-expense paid trips to exotic locations for the agent and their guest!


PHX Agents have a wealth of training materials provided for absolutely NO COST, 24/7, on our website.
Two weekly conference calls designed to engage and make each listener more profitable.
PHX Agents also enjoy Training Schools at PHX U!
These events are in-person, lively, and brought to a city near you!
We do not profit from our training, PHX agents receive all of this as a complimentary service!


PHX Agents have the ability through training, the opportunities through leads, and the motivation of high income to go out and close at least six sales every week.
Promotions are based off of submitted business, and submitting six sales each week, an agent can get two income increases in their first year alone!
Phoenix Insure employs a Call-Team to help set appointments for our agents and increase sales!