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Some Pros And Cons Of Insurance Jobs

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Some Pros And Cons Of Insurance Jobs

insurance jobs

Insurance jobs have pros and cons. Here are a few.

As in every career, there’s triumph and difficulty in an insurance career. For the right type of people, insurance jobs can be wonderful.

There are pros and cons to insurance jobs that people should be aware of before launching into the profession. Here are a couple of those pros and cons.

Pro: Long-term security

You can count on insurance jobs to bring some security, because the need for insurance isn’t likely to evaporate any time soon. People will need health insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance and life insurance well into the future. As JobGoRound.com puts it, “You can expect to make a living in insurance sales for years to come.”

Con: Only self-starters need apply

The freedom that comes with a career in insurance can be wonderful—but only for the right type of person. According to JobGoRound.com: “You will have to do your own networking and investing to get the tools you need for your job, and you’ll have neither the boss to outline your days with instructions, nor the salary to fall back on as a safety net.”

Pro: High earning potential

In many insurance jobs, you have a great deal of control over what you make. “Insurance sales people make their living on commission in many cases, meaning they are paid based on how much they sell. Truly gifted sales people have the opportunity to make a good living in this kind of field. A salaried position may actually ask more of you than commission based work, without the possibility of increased pay, writes JobGoRound.com

Con: Unpredictability

If you thrive on killing what you eat, insurance sales is for you. But not everybody does. As JobGoRound points out, “Imagine that your income for one quarter was vastly different from the next, while still requiring the same amount of work. Unless you are very good at budgeting both your time and money, this arrangement may quickly become difficult for you to handle.”


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