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More Tips For Success In Insurance Jobs

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More Tips For Success In Insurance Jobs

More Tips For Success In Insurance Jobs

Insurance jobs

These tips can help insurance jobs go more successfully.

We believe insurance jobs can be great. But not everyone succeeds. That’s why we look for the best tips for those who want to make insurance their career.

Here are a few that coincide with the modern age, from Producers eSource.

Everyone’s an individual

Sales techniques that work for one person won’t necessarily work for you. “For example, a hard driving sales person will sell in a very different way from anyone else.  Take what you can from whomever has the best advice, then adapt it to your own style,” Michael Lovas writes.

Technology really does change the game

If you’re relying solely on old communications methods, you’re likely to fall behind. “The people who came into the business prior to the emergence of social media are often stuck in history and unable to use the new media effectively.  It’s like driving a Dodge Dart when everyone else is driving BMWs.”

Make the effort to know your prospect

Unless you can read your prospect, chances are you will fail with them. “Unless you can read your prospect, you deliver the same logic to everyone.  How could that be successful?” asks Lovas.

Choose the best to work with

Insurance jobs are made much better when you work with people and a company that have your back.

At Phoenix Insure, we have a ton of experience in the insurance industry, and many of those years were spent on producing personal business at a very high level. We took that experience, and began Phoenix Insure with one BIG guideline, and that was…
Take everything that made us successful producers, and not only provide THAT to our agents, but also introduce new concepts that we WISH we would have had when beginning our careers.

That’s where the perks we offer agents come to the fore.

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