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Trends in technology changing insurance jobs

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Trends in technology changing insurance jobs

Trends in technology changing insurance jobs

Life insurance

Insurance jobs are changing with technology.

Life insurance jobs are still about putting in the work to serve clients. But tech trends are changing the industry.

Some of those changes are coming from startup companies trying to shake up the industry’s business model, according to Huffington Post:

Interestingly, there has been a paradigm shift from the traditional life insurance policies to more flexible, tech-oriented and time effective systems. For instance, insurtech startups like Bestow now make it possible to purchase a good life insurance plan online, without a medical examination.

“Millions of Americans value life insurance but lack coverage because traditional offline options don’t align with today’s digital consumer,” according to Bestow Co-Founder and President, Jonathan Abelmann.

“We knew there had to be a better way. We reimagined the entire experience with a fully digital solution that delivers coverage in a few minutes, removes pain points like medical exams, and is super easy to manage. It’s empowering families to get the affordable protection they deserve.”

At Phoenix Insure, we try to make insurance jobs better by using technology to enhance our tried and true approach to selling life insurance products geared to seniors.

Insurance jobs at Phoenix Insure, for instance, are enhanced by the technological tools we provide agents. Those include ONE STOP SUBMIT.

We know that the Agents making money are the Agents making sales, so we do all we can to help you concentrate your time to just that, MAKING SALES. We help streamline your efforts and focus more on sales with our ONE STOP SUBMIT for New Business.

Every application you complete will be sent to a HIPAA compliant email address where it will be spot checked for mistakes, forwarded on to whatever company, and followed up with to insure it gets issued. This shaves hours off your week and puts commission in your bank faster!

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