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Why Young People Should Consider A New Career In Insurance

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Why Young People Should Consider A New Career In Insurance

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A new career in insurance may be just the ticket.

As young people embark on a new career, insurance should be right near the top of the list, as long as they want to work hard and earn good money.

There are plenty of reasons a new career in insurance might be the best way to go. Among them.


“I have seen the finance, consultancy and real estate industries going through cycles where really good, qualified professionals are put out on the street because their company got into a spot of trouble or had to cut costs. In the insurance industry, that won’t happen. When you’re good – you’re in demand,” says Patrick Ryan of Ryan Specialty Group.

Self reliance

One of the great things about a new career in insurance is its straightforward nature. The more you sell, the better your pay.

According to America’s Professor:

Of course, getting a job is just the first step. Another thing that sets insurance sales apart from other industries are the many opportunities for insurance agents to increase their income. For insurance salespeople, the amount of money they earn – and how fast they earn it – is based entirely on performance.

Because the majority of agents’ income comes in the form of sales commissions, it’s possible for even new agents to earn large amounts of money. According to the BLS, the median salary for insurance agents in 2014 was $47,860. For comparison, the median income for a two person household that year was $53,657.

Even better news: The income for insurance agents above the average is even better. In fact, the average income for the top 10% of earners goes as high as $119,970. Translated into an hourly wage, that’s the equivalent of earning $57.68 per hour.

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